Stará hora, Pinot noir, grape selection, dry, 2020

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The grapes come from the best vineyard in the Stará hora vineyard in the Moravská Nová Ves wine-growing village, with a very reduced harvest, and it is one of the best clones of this variety with the number 777. The grapes are processed by controlled fermentation technology, including malolactic fermentation and further maturation in barriques made of French oak Mercurey GC 3 YEARS, Mercurey ST PN, Mercurey M+, Seguin Moreau Icone Finese, Seguin Moreau MO TH, Seguin Morea M+ Caucas from Krasnodar oak, and DSR from American oak, under 12 months. The wine is dark brick red in colour, intense aromas with notes of ripe to dried stone fruit, plum jam with very pleasant notes of caramel and soft wood. Full juicy fruit flavour with an excellent structure of sweet tannins. On the aftertaste, the wine is wonderfully velvety with a fine minerality that gives the prerequisite for long-term ageing and further positive development. A bouquet of overripe and transformed dark forest fruits, gingerbread and fudge with a taste of fresh blackberry pie.


It goes well with venison terrine, with pheasant on wine with stewed root vegetables and potato puree, with catfish with chestnuts, kale and black truffle. Ideal with Camembert cheese and mushroom dishes. It can also be served without food, in matching wide glasses, to quietly admire its aroma and to meditate with friends.

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  • Gold medal National wine competition slovácká subregion 2022
  • The Grand Gold Medal and the Best Wine of the Pinot Noir category for the Charles IV Cup
  • Best PN of show
  • Silver Medal Red Wine Promenade 2023
  • Gold medal Národní soutěž podoblast Slovácká 2023

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