Pinot noir EN

Pinot noir – comes from France, Burgundy, probably a cross between the „Mlynářka“ and „Tramin“ varieties or a bud mutation within the „Pinot“ variety groups. The variety has high location requirements – it requires warm, gravel-sand, loose soil. It is one of the best wine grape varieties in the northern wine regions. It produces not only red, but also rosé or claret wines. It provides a full quality wine, blackberry flavor in its youth, velvety full maturity, spicy with a bitter-almond flavor. The color is lighter, pale ruby to brick red, especially in older wines, with a golden edge. In the aroma and taste we can find blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, black cherries, cranberries, in very mature years even leather, smoke of burning fresh wood, rotting leaves, prunes, plum jam, bitter almonds to dark chocolate. Wines are served in wide glasses so that the wine surface can be well aerated. In our vineyards we have clone number „777“ which is perhaps one of the best two in the world.

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