Pinot gris EN

Pinot gris – the variety comes from France, probably originated in Burgundy as a bud mutation within the group of Pinot varieties. It came to Bohemia together with „Pinot Noir“ as early as in the 14th century. In Germany, it was expanded by the trader Johan Seger Ruland of Speyer, who in 1711 found several shrubs in a desolate garden in Palatinate and that is why the variety there and here in the Czech Republic bears his name (Ruland). However, this designation is inappropriate because the variety was grown in our country long before Ruland’s birth. „Pinot gris“ is more suitable name. It requires good positioning, extractive substances are formed especially in clay soils, it does not like sandy and dry soils. It provides full, soft wines with high extracts, orange tones in the aroma coupled with touches of honey.

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