Cabernet Sauvignon EN

Cabernet Sauvignon – comes from France, it is probably a cross between „Cabernet Franc“ X „Sauvignon“ („Cabernet Franc“ is a cross between forest vines). This variety probably existed already in the Roman period. In the middle of the 16th century, it was expanded in Bordeaux by Cardinal Richelieu. It is currently the most widespread variety in the world. It requires the best positions in the warmest areas, prefers sandy and loamy sand soils, withstands drought well, but requires warmth. Due to late ripening it is suitable into the hottest parts of the wine region of Moravia. The wine contains a lot of red color and has a distinct varietal taste. It is suitable for maturing in barrique barrels. The variety provides a long-lasting wine with an elegant black-currant taste, with the aroma of dark cherries, blackberries, tobacco to green peppers, olives, cedar wood, marmalade, dark chocolate, eucalyptus to menthol, with a dark garnet color to a blue flash.

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