Cuvée Lueur Rouge RESERVE, selection of grapes, dry, 2018

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The grapes come from a vineyard with a reduced harvest, from the best Stará hora vineyard route in the wine-growing village of Moravská Nová Ves, and are processed using controlled fermentation technology, including malolactic fermentation using pure bacterial cultures. The basis of this wine is Merlot, supported by the structure of Cabernet Sauvignon and complemented by the softness and velvety Pinota noir. Each of the components of this cuvée matured for 24 months in several types of new barrels of different manufacturers and different types of French Alier oak, mostly made specifically for each variety. Dark ruby ​​color with brick reflections, strong spicy aroma with tones of ripe berry candied fruit. Excellent taste with hints of chocolate, fine wood, smoke and oriental spices. Wine with great maturation potential, with higher alcohol and little residual sugar. We produce this cuvée once every 3 years, limited edition of 2800 pieces with numbered bottles. Not filtered.


It goes well with venison with stewed root vegetables and mashed potatoes. Ideal for soft ripened or Camembert cheeses and mushroom dishes. It can be served without meals, for an unforgettable experience of its aroma and taste, as well as his three-year-old “sibling” year 2015. Cuvée Lueur Rouge RESERVE, selection of grapes, dry, 2015

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  • Silver medal Promenáda červených vín 2021
  • Silver medal GP VINEX 2021
  • Bronze medal Great American IWC NEW York 2021
  • Bronze medal Víno Bojnice 2021
  • Silver medal CUVÉE Ostrava 2021
  • Silver medal AWC Vienna 2021

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