Traminer QVEVRI, MZV, dry, 2020

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Grapes from a vineyard with a reduced harvest. The wine was produced using a process that is more than 8,000 years old – fermented and aged for 11 months in an original QVEVRI vessel made of special baked clay brought directly from Georgia, on all skins, without any additives. Directly bottled. The wine is light golden orange in colour with amber highlights. Juicy wine with nice tannin and spiciness, high extract and incredibly intense aromas of tea rose, lychee and overripe southern fruit. On the palate with notes of dried raisins, orange and citrus zest with light creamy undertones. A wine with a long aftertaste and zero residual sugar!


Let the wine “breathe” and enjoy “just like that”, for a completely different experience of the richness of aromas and flavours.

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