Pinot noir, selection of grapes, semi-sweet, 2018, barrique

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The grapes come from a vineyard with a harvest reduced to only 05, kg / shrub where it was achieved a sugar content of 29.2 degrees of CNM. Seedlings are one of the best Clones of this variety numbered 777. They are processed by controlled technology fermentation including malolactic fermentation and further maturation in new Barrique barrels from French oak Alier, made specially for this variety, for a period of 14 months. Wine of dark brick red color, intense aroma with tones of overripe stone fruit, plum jam with very soft tones of caramel and well-built wood. Full juicy taste with excellent structure of sweet tannins, beautifully velvety and over higher alcohol beautifully harmonized with residual sugar 14.4 g / l. Wine parameters they provide the basis for long-term maturation and further positive development.


It is perfectly suited to dishes of all kinds of game, to mature cheeses. Suitable as sweet desserts with dark chocolate, as an aperitif as well as digestiv.

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  • Winner of the category and big gold medal of the National Wine Competition Slovácko Sub-Region 2020
  • Winner of the category and gold medal of the National Wine Competition sub-region of Slovácko 2019
  • Silver medal Promenade red wines 2020
  • Silver medal GP VINEX 2021
  • Bronze medal Great American IWC NEW York 2021
  • Golden medal Víno Bojnice 2021
  • Silver medal AWC Vienna 2021
  • Gold Medal of the Gallery of Ruland Wines 2022
  • Silver medal for the Charles IV Cup.

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