Merlot, selection of grapes, dry, 2019, BARRIQUE

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The grapes come from a vineyard with a reduced harvest. They are processed by controlled fermentation technology, including malolactic fermentation using pure cultures of bacteria followed by maturation for 12 months in 4 different types of French oak barrels, with different toasting methods. Fresh multi-layered bouquet of transformed black fruit, blueberries, black currants, blackberries, prunes complemented by a robust taste of forest fruit jam with very well structured tannins.


Game specialties, beef fillet, ripened cheeses such as Gorgonzola, Blu Fou, Roquefort, chocolate dessert with cherries.

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  • Golden medal Promenáda červených vín 2021
  • Silver medal GP VINEX 2021
  • Silver medal Great American IWC NEW York 2021
  • Golden medal Víno Bojnice 2021
  • Golden medal Král vín 2021
  • Golden medal Oenoforum 2021
  • Silver medal AWC Vienna 2021

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