Cabernet Sauvignon, Moravian regional wine, dry, 2019, QVEVRI

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The grapes come from a vineyard with a reduced harvest from the best Stará hora vineyard route in the wine-growing village of Moravská Nová Ves. They are processed by thousands of years old Georgian technology, where all fermentation and maturation took place for 11 months in the original QVEVRI container made of special clay from Georgia only naturally, without the use of yeast, without pure cultures of malolactic fermentation bacteria and without any other additives. The wine was in contact with the skins and part of the husk for 11 months. Wine of deep red color, with a high extract, with a higher alcohol and a very good viscosity. The aroma is reminiscent of prunes, blackberries and black currants. Full taste with strong tannins and robust tannins. Not filtered.


To venison pâtés, venison medallions, steaks with root vegetables or cheeses with double mold.

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