Cabernet Moravia EN

Cabernet Moravia – is a young Moravian variety, bred by Lubomir Glos in 1975, a member of the winegrowers group Collegium Vinitorum from Moravská Nová Ves. These are hybrids of ‚Zweigeltrebe‘ and ‚Cabernet Franc‘ (‚Cabernet Franc‘ is a cross of forest vines). The first crop was harvested by the breeder in 1979, thanks to the characteristics he chose the M-43 seedling, which in 1980 provided the grapes for the first wine. The variety was recognized and entered in the State Variety Book only in 2001 (after 26 years from the start of breeding work). It requires very warm positions, it does not have special requirements for soil, it is better suited to poorer and drier locations. The yield is high, regular, it is a fruitful, late variety, providing a wine of higher color intensity and a higher, slightly cabernet aroma. Attribute wines come only from the best locations and in combination with a significant reduction of grapes. The variety provides a long-lasting wine with a dark garnet color, soft cabernet tones, soft, well-structured tannins, black currant aroma and taste, and a wide range of sweet tannins.

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