Cabernet Sauvignon, RESERVE, late harvest, dry, 2015

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The grapes come from a vineyard with reduced yield. They are processed by controlled fermentation technology, including malolactic fermentation followed by maturation in new barrique barrels from French oak Alier, made specifically for this variety, for a period of 28 months. Wine of purplish red color with light rim, high extract and very good viscosity. The aroma resembles a flower of hibiscus, candied plums and blackcurrant syrup. Full taste with strong tannins, good acidity, interesting minerality to salinity and very well incorporated toasting. Robust sweet tannins with black chocolate and distinctive toast of fine oak at the end. Not filtered.


Best with the deer saddle with Jerusalem artichokes, mushrooms and edible chestnuts. It is also interesting with ripened cheeses with double mold.

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  • Silver medal VINUM Bojnice 2018
  • Silver medal AWC Vienna 2018

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