General terms of rent and rules for Wine Center

General terms of rent and rules for organizing events in the Wine Center of Vinařství Dvořáček LTM, s.r.o.

  1. Basic rent of the Wine Center costs CZK 3,500 per calendar day regardless of the time of use on the given day, unless otherwise agreed with the owner.
  2. Depending on the number of participants, other requirements and claims of the customer, the owner decides on the number of members of his own service. The service is paid in the amount of CZK 200 per hour and person for the whole duration of the event, plus 6 hours x CZK 200 for preparation and cleaning.
  3. All food and drinks are provided by the owner according to the customer’s requirements. Food is preferably provided by the contracted catering company. If the customer insists on providing food by another catering company, the owner also provides this food based on the customer’s order. In such a case, an operating surcharge of 15% is added to the price. Likewise, the owner provides cakes and sweets preferably from the contract bakery and confectionery based on customer’s order. Upon agreement between the customer and owner, it is possible in exceptional cases to deliver cakes and cookies from the customer’s own production.
  4. Decoration of the hall is always provided by the owner’s staff according to the customer’s requirements or based on their choice from the hitherto realized types of hall decoration available at Wine center page. When decorating the hall, it is not possible to realize any elements that would require gluing/sticking on the walls of the hall or furniture or structure of air-conditioning units or other equipment.
  5. During events in the Wine Center, only bottled wine by Vinařství Dvořáček LTM s.r.o. fully adjusted with a label and data according to the Act on Viticulture, as amended, is consumed. Cask or unbottled wine cannot be consumed in the Wine Center. The customer chooses the wine from the owner’s offer and the customer also determines the quantity and types of wines both for the beverage banquet and placing on the tables in the quantity recommended by the owner. Fully drunk, but only open or partially consumed bottles are charged at the “from the cellar” prices, i.e. without VAT. The customer will take the opened bottles, fitted with corks by the owner, after the event. If the customer insists on the delivery of their own wine, this can be only bottled and must comply with the law, fully labeled and with all the information required by law. For each such bottle the customer pays the owner a “cork” fee in the amount of CZK 150.
  6. The customer can bring up to 2 liters of spirits or other distillates from their own production intended as a welcome drink. In exceptional cases, upon agreement with the owner, the customer can arrange sparkling or semi-sparkling wines as the welcome drink, again fully adjusted in accordance with the law, which are not subject to production by the Vinařství Dvořáček LTM, s.r.o..
  7. Non-refundable deposit of the estimated costs of the event, except for wine cost, in the amount agreed upon a binding order is paid 10 days in advance to the owner’s account or in cash against an invoice. The balance will then be paid in cash or by bank transfer within 3 days after the event.
  8. Alternatively, other alcoholic beverages are provided by the owner at the customer’s request. Draft beer only exceptionally and in the summer months, the tap is always located on the terrace by the cemetery wall. Guests tap themselves. Rental of beer equipment and purchase of beer is provided by the owner, all is paid by the customer in the prices agreed upon in the binding order.
  9. Music (dance, folk, dulcimer, DJ, etc.) provides the owner, including settlement of any copyright according to the customer’s requirements. The total cost of music production, including the cost of transporting musicians, is a part of the total cost of the event. During DJ music production it is forbidden to use “bubble blower” effects or other “wet” effects in the hall. This is possible by mutual agreement only when producing outside in the courtyard of the Wine Center.
  10. The next morning, as agreed with the owner, the customer will take away all remnants of food and drink, as well as any gifts and flowers, no later than 12:00 pm. The dishes will be returned by the customer by the evening of the same day, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
  11. The event ends no later than 12:00 am, in case of extending the event by one hour, the rental fee of CZK 500 is charged, for each additional hour the rental fee is CZK 2000.
  12. The subject of the final payment for the event also includes any broken glasses, plates or other dishes, or otherwise damaged interior or furniture at prices agreed with the owner. For messing the Wine Center beyond the normal level, depending on the season, the amount of CZK 2,000 to CZK 5,000 depending on the extent and severity is charged. In case of multi-day events or events of extraordinary extent, the owner may request a security deposit to cover any possible damages up to the amount of CZK 30,000, which is a part of the advance payment for the event, cleared after its completion.
  13. In the event of cancellation of an already ordered event due to obstacles on the side of the owner, the customer will be returned a 100% advance payment no later than 2 days after the owner communicates this fact to the customer. In addition, the customer can take advantage of the possibility of organizing the event on another replacement date with a 10% discount on rent, within one year from the date of the original event canceled by the owner.

Mikulčice on 1 July 2018

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