Visit us from January to April, taste the young, still emerging wines of the last year of harvest in a guided tasting with the winemaker. However, you can also taste older wines that have not been bottled or released for sale yet and which are aging in stainless steel tanks, barrique barrels and larger barrels or in our unique betong.

This will give you a unique opportunity to choose and prepay wines with significant discounts that will go on the market in 12, 24 or more months.
The aging and further development of your chosen wines can be continuously monitored even after this selection during your visits to our winery as individually agreed. We can then store the selected finished products in our VIP customer boxes, which we lease for further development and maturation and where the wine waits for your continuous withdrawal. We will thus provide our wines with the best stable environment for further growth of their quality and positive development.

Individual arrangement is required at least 14 days in advance by telephone or email. You can confirm your preliminary interest via the contact form as well.

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